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You can come across as delicate, but anyone with such a strong sense of justice can be a fighter when necessary.

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August starts up with a fierce determination and a clear viewpoint — compromise seems impossible until tempers cool with the temperatures in early September. Shower your lover with the gifts of your generous heart, and soothe any savage beasts with your renowned — and renewed — poise. Gather your loved ones around you for the holiday season; even dedicated singletons will appreciate sweetly calm celebrations. Your social butterfly perks up right at the end of the year; ring in with your very biggest bell.

Monthly Horoscope: Libra, November 12222

Review viable plans, and dump any that lack details. After March 7th, you return to the procedures that worked so well two months ago.


Visual design becomes important by March 24th. Throughout most of April, a minimalist approach limits your liability; be grateful for this if legal ambiguity shadows your enterprise on the 19th. Expect a struggle between desired effect and procedural safety until May 21st. At least your business community supports you, whether or not it sees the wisdom of your objectives. By the 17th, you resolve a staffing dispute, paving the way for a more harmonious month.

Libra 2020 Love Horoscope

After June 10th, widely dispersed funds are nicely focused at your end of the spectrum. Coworkers try hard to learn from or understand each other until the full program clicks on July 23rd.

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Up-and-coming management types jockey for position throughout August Creative powerhouses get their way by the 30th. Honor tradition and seniority in September, even as you launch something completely different.

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In Numerology, is a Four Year. Expect big rewards to come your way! Here, how it affects you!

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Tarot of Angels. Don't lose hope! Your guardian angels can inspire and comfort you Karma Report. Haunted by regrets?

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